442 Analysis and Site Soak
Our experienced and thought-leading team offers a collaborative approach to understanding your brief and business. This allows us to work as your design arm.

442 International
442 knows no boundaries with a strong list of UK and International clients and projects. We work anywhere, anytime, anyplace.

442 Brand
Brand creation and development across all touch points. Our experienced brand designers work with brands of all sizes from multinational to new business launch.


442 Strategy & Insight
Future thinking and best practice positioning with a focus on commercial vision. 442 offer relevant, innovative strategy and market reports based around relevant customer needs and trends.

442 Design
Our team of creative interior and graphic designers harness ideas and innovation to lead design from concept through to completion. Our services include all aspects of interior design, visualisation, space planning, detailed technical drawings, graphic design and positioning, art direction and production. 442 carries out all aspects of project and contractor management and Principal Designer duties as required.

Do you have a potential project you would like to discuss? We're always happy to chat.

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