442 Design was formed in late 2002. When the founders sat in our local bar discussing what to call the new company the conversation drifted, as it often does, to football. It was generally agreed that the greatest teams that have graced the modern game had something in common, they used the 442 formation. That formation, when talented individuals play their role in a team, when sprinkled with creative flair and when backed by a winning game plan, is pretty unbeatable.

In every way the spirit, philosophy, success and direct approach of 442 embodies what we believe a first class design company should be. It was natural then that the company be called 442 Design. Since 2002 we have grown from strength to strength to establish ourselves in the premier league of Scottish design companies. Along the way we have won Awards for Creativity, Innovation, Business Excellence, Client Satisfaction, Branding and Interiors but in reality it is the actual work we have done that looks best in the trophy cabinet.

Retail: At 442 our unique combination of interior, graphic and digital design makes us perfect for retail.

Bar & Leisure: We all like a good night out or a meal with friends. It's our job to help make those experiences special.

Brand Communications: 442 specialises in working with companies to continuously engage with their customers and employees in a meaningful way.

Tours & Exhibitions: Our integrated 2D, 3D and 4D design team make exhibitions a perfect expression of what we do.

Digital: 442 has an expert digital team who design and develop web, social media, digital applications and promotions.

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